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"Working out with a pair of Nüobells feels nearly identical to traditional dumbbells."

10 weights in 1

5-50 lbs per adjustable dumbbell

Use the same set of weights for all of your muscle groups. Whether you need light weights for bent-over flys or heavy weights for squats, we have you covered with one set of weights. You can seamlessly flow from 5-50lbs with a simple turn of the wrist for your legs, back, chest, abs, shoulders, and arms.

The highest quality adjustable dumbbells

The SMRTFT adjustable dumbbells are the most innovative ones on the market. Complete with a knurled handle and pancake-style disks, they feel like a heavy-duty barbell that you would find at most commercial weightlifting gyms.

Cradles included

Keep your floor safe with our custom cradles. Add our custom-made stands to store your weights at a perfect height for lifting.

Dimensions: 15.5"x 7.5" x 7.5"



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Customer Reviews

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These are the nicest dumbbells I ordered anyone who has seen them have ever seen.


Expensive but you pay for the quality of these things!! They work like a charm and love working out with them. I’m happy I invested in adjustable dumbbells.


Great set of dumbbells

Darshan Patel


Eddie Cho
Defective 80lbs Dumbbells - Poor Customer Service

I don't like doing this, but my experience with this company has been so disappointing. First, the dumbbells I got were defective out of the box. The 5lb plate sticks to the handle even when its not engaged and it then falls off while you're using it, which is a pretty serious risk to injury if it were to fall on your foot or something. I promptly contacted customer support regarding this and the CS rep made me send them a video demonstrating the defect... and so fine, a bit of an inconvenience if you ask me, but I recorded and sent it. I was then told I would be sent a replacement handle but that I would have to pay for the shipping. And this is where I pushed back because why am I being asked to pay out of pocket to resolve an issue with a defect on brand new set that I paid a ton of money for? It just doesn't make any sense that the company would make a customer pay extra to resolve what is clearly a manufacturer defect on a brand new item. I expressed this several times over email and even politely requested that the issue be escalated to a supervisor if available. However, and this is the worst part, my messages have gone unanswered/ignored and now I'm left frustrated and very disappointed with the level of customer service received. This is NOT the quality I expected from a company that supposedly makes such a great product. Why inconvenience a customer over what the company/manufacturer is clearly accountable for, for what amounts to such a relatively small expense to ship. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Anyway, you've been warned. If the weight falls on my foot and I get injured, I'll be sure to post my smashed bloody foot.

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