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The Best-Tasting Post-Training Shake Ever

By Mike Roussell, PhD

strawberry mango smoothie

Over the years, the muscle-building recovery shake has gotten a bad rap. It can conjure up images of Rocky chugging raw eggs or the biggest guy at your gym slugging down scoop after scoop of powder in a plastic shaker with room-temperature water. The good news is that high performance doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, try this delicious, tropical-inspired post-training shake made with real food that will kick your muscles into growth mode by saturating them with the nutrients that they need.

The Mango-Strawberry Miracle

Nutritional facts

Calories 355, Protein 28g, Carbs 54g, Fat 4.2g


  • 1/2 cup mangoes (fresh or frozen)

  • cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)

  • 1/2 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt

  • 1.5 cups skim milk

  • 1 tbsp ground flaxseeds

  • 1 cup of ice (omit if using frozen fruit)

How to Make

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smoothie. Note: if you are using frozen strawberries, you may need to add ½ cup of water to achieve the desired texture/consistency.


AUTHOR BIO: Mike Roussell, PhD

Mike Roussell, PhD, is an author, speaker, and nutrition strategist who has spent more than 20 years transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical habits that change lives.

His clients have included NBA all-stars, tech execs, and TV personalities.

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