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"Working out with a pair of Nüobells feels nearly identical to traditional dumbbells."

10 weights in 1

5-50 lbs per adjustable dumbbell

Use the same set of weights for all of your muscle groups. Whether you need light weights for bent-over flys or heavy weights for squats, we have you covered with one set of weights. You can seamlessly flow from 5-50lbs with a simple turn of the wrist for your legs, back, chest, abs, shoulders, and arms.

The highest quality adjustable dumbbells

The SMRTFT adjustable dumbbells are the most innovative ones on the market. Complete with a knurled handle and pancake-style disks, they feel like a heavy-duty barbell that you would find at most commercial weightlifting gyms.

Cradles included

Keep your floor safe with our custom cradles. Add our custom-made stands to store your weights at a perfect height for lifting.

Dimensions: 15.5"x 7.5" x 7.5"



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Customer Reviews

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Extremely impressed

I’ve been using these for a few weeks now and they are awesome. Very easy to change weight and they seem to be very durable. I don’t feel like I have to set them down carefully or be gentle with them in general. Very happy with this purchase.

Kylee Westmark
Great for space saving.

The weights are great for adjustable. They feel sturdy and it's nice that they range from 5lb-80lb in 5lb increments. If I had the right space I would prefer a traditional weight set though. If you circuit, you need to think through and pair your workouts with similar weights. Adjusting the weights is easy but it's not quick so I don't like to switch weight in the middle of a circuit. The weights also feel like they move a little when doing something like a bicep curl. Something where the weight actually rotates around the bar. You would not notice on something like a bent over row. Overall very happy with the product, even for the high cost, I would buy again.

Ben Tuffin
Excellent product

Excellent product, I wish I had invented it!

So convenient, so easy to use, so pretty to look at!

I had originally purchased adjustable dumbbells from a competitor of Nuobell because they were safe to drop. Little did I know they would show up looking like they had spent 3 years in somebody else's gym and be inconvenient to use. So I ordered Nuobell's and I couldn't be happier. Changing weights is a breeze, they look fantastic and they were here in just a few days. Thank you for making a great product and having delightful customer service. I've recommended them to 10 people already and I certainly won't be stopping any time soon.

Joseph Zarzycki
Best Adjustable Dumbbells Ever!?

Great option for those looking for a variety of dumbbell weights without a lot of space. I do wish they had finer than 5lb adjustments, though.

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