NÜOBELL Double Legged Stand
Best Adjustable Dumbbells Rack By SMRTFT | Black Nüobell Stand
Best Rack for Adjustable Dumbbells 2021 | Top Noubell Stand | SMRFT
New Nüobell Stand For Adjustable Dumbbells By SMRTFT | Double Leg
Rack for Adjustable Dumbbells | Top Noübell Stand  2021 | SMRTFT
New Rack for Adjustable Dumbbells | Nübell Stand 2021 | SMRTFT
Personal Training Equipment 2021 | Rack for Adjustable Dumbbells | Nüobell Stand
Rack for Adjustable Dumbbells | Workout Equipment | SMRTFT | Nüobell

NÜOBELL Double Legged Stand

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Our stands have been designed to make your workout even better. The stands are the best on the market for our adjustable dumbbells, both 50 lb and 80 lb sets. Every time you pick up and set down your weights, you could be placing down as much as 160 pounds, and our stands can withstand that weight time after time. The heavy duty stand has the largest frame of the stands we sell. We design the stand to be at the perfect height for you to not have to put improper strain on your lower back. The stand also has rubber feet that do not scratch or mark your floors.

Technical Specifications

LxWxH = 29x24x22.5”

Stands Weight: 17kg

Customer Reviews

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Carter M
Questionable Quality Control - Great Customer Service

When I had bought this item, I was informed that it was a Pre-Order and that it may take up to 1 week to be shipped out. I was okay with this, just so long as I get my dumbbells on time.

To my surprise, however, I was told that the stand would be getting delivered ahead of time (Even before the dumbbells) which was nice to hear as I could set it up ahead of time and be ready for when the dumbbells arrive.

Sadly, when I opened up the packaging, it became clear to me that the reason I got the stand earlier than expected was because it seemed to have been rushed through production - One of the pieces was not fully put together (luckily a quick fix), and the Nuo logo appears to have been placed upside down which was pretty disappointing.

Edit - Since writing this, I was reached out to by SMRTFT Customer Service and they were more than happy to resolve the issue. They sent me a replacement for the middle piece free of charge so the logo is now facing the right direction. Super satisfied with that - Helped with my OCD.

Aside from that, the stand is awesome. If you plan on buying the weights, I would definitely get the stand as well. Can't imagine not having it. If you run into the issue I have, I'd definitely reach out to Customer Service. They're great.

Ryan D
A "nice to have", but REEALLY nice to have

The stand isn't required and you can live a long, happy life without it - but it's so great to have. Keeping the DBs off the ground right around pickup height is just really handy. Set up is quick and easy and the stand is very solid - I have zero concerns. This is a fantastic product to compliment your adjustable DBs.

Chris Ragsdale

NÜOBELL Double Legged Stand

Must Have.

I should have purchased this stand, when I ordered the dumbbells. Two 80lb dumbbells held as secure as you would like and more. Nicely made. Very solid and easy to put together. No misaligned holes. Absolutely love this gear. When you guys going to a barbell on the same lines? (Olympic with please!)

Better than expected and look incredible

These are the slickest looking dumbbells you could own, especially with the stand. When friends come over they feel they have to try them and the beauty is they function flawlessly. The clicks are so satisfying as you crank to increase the weight. I find I workout more often just to use them in fact. One great thing is they are very convenient and easy to hide near my living room. Also they look sharp and when people see them they say “cool” or “wow”. So they are not ugly to have out like my wife had feared. Thumbs up from her too because she is working out with them as well for the first time in years. She couldn’t resist. Don’t hesitate, they will look great and work even better.